Breaking cycles & choosing love over fear is an ongoing process.

The people who commit to this work are seekers and feelers. They simply can’t accept the status quo and are called to something higher. Letting life happen to them is a phrase that doesn’t sit well. They’re willing to look at the patterns they’ve inherited and their own personal struggles in order to grow. It’s a choice that isn’t for the weak because committing to this work comes with challenges.

The questions can be loud and incessant:

  • How do I avoid repeating the same patterns that hurt me?

  • How do I take care of myself in a healthy way?

  • Who do I truly want to be?

  • How do I stay committed and resilient when doing this work can be grueling?

  • How do I manage my existing relationships that might no longer be serving me?

  • What will my new community look like?

  • Where do I find like-minded people?

Finding the Flotsam is a newsletter that aims to keep people company on their empowerment and cycle-breaking journey.

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Maggie Glennon

Whether I’m writing, coaching or running programs, I want to pay it forward and help people cultivate lives rooted in serenity, connection, and authenticity.