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DEATH (Read & Reflect #25)

Do we ever really know why something dies?

I’m sharing the text of what I read in the video below. If you’re curious, the video also includes a little about my headspace when I wrote this piece. Consume in whichever format feels right to you.

Do we ever really know why something dies? 
This question rattled around in my brain as I stretched in the low sun. 
I wish I could ask the one barren branch that hung above my head why it has died while it’s neighbor blooms. 
I long to ask the goose now becoming the earth I discovered on the shore. 
How is it that something returns year after year can simply cease living with no explanation? 
Science and human logic make educated guesses, but there’s no sure fire answer. 
What took my dad? 
What body system failed my mom? Her heart? Her lungs? Both simultaneously? 
Does it matter? 
Would knowing provide comfort? A lesson? 
What will take me? 
None of us will ever truly know death, yet we will all experience it. 
A bird flies overhead. 
I’m back in the moment. 
I swear its wings say surrender. 
All is good. 
All is good.
All is good. 

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  1. How does the fleeting nature of life encourage us to cherish every moment and make the most of our time on Earth?

  2. Instead of dwelling on the specifics of what takes our loved ones or what awaits us in the future, how can we focus on embracing the present and finding joy in the simple wonders of everyday life?

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March 10, 2023
Finding the Flotsam
Finding the Flotsam
Maggie Glennon